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Mark Cowan is an experienced writer who has earned a reputation as an authoritative and respected journalist during a career spanning 16 years.

His work has taken Mark into many challenging areas while reporting on the tragedies faced by victims of conflict, from those borne of the ethnic differences in Kosovo to the rivalries of urban street gangs in Birmingham; the political and religious divides that have led to terrorism on the streets of the UK; exclusively charted cases from crime scene to court room; delved into the politics of policing as it has faced competing demands from Government and the public; investigated the motives for murder that plagued the West Midlands; creative an archive of historic crimes dating back a century; and provided profiles of the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect the public.

Schooled in the art of filmmaking at university, Mark’s passion for documentary led him to a career in newspaper journalism. Known for his attention to detail and ability to provide thorough and accurate copy on a range of subjects to tight deadlines, Mark began his career on a well-respected weekly before being head-hunted by the Birmingham Mail. By the end of his time in Birmingham, Mark was providing crime stories for three major titles and online audiences.

As a senior correspondent covering the crime beat in the West Midlands, he was an authoritative voice on matters relating to crime and punishment. His integrity was crucial to building trusted relationships with police officers and the community. A tenacious quest for the absolute truth coupled with a forensic approach to research and information gathering resulted in countless exposés that helped provide readers with a greater insight into the world in which they lived.

As the media landscape changed, Mark worked on news ways to tell difficult stories to different audiences, seizing on multi-media tools to provide video and in-depth copy for on-line platforms. Prior to his role as Crime Correspondent, Mark spent time with the British Army on peacekeeping duties in the war-torn Serbian province of Kosovo. He has also worked on a number of TV crime documentaries, including a series of daytime programmes for the BBC, a one-off episode into a well-known murder case for Crime and Punishment Network and a programme for ITV Central about two young boys who disappeared without trace in a Christmas mystery that has never been solved.

While writing has dominated Mark’s life, his passion for scuba diving has grown since he first began blowing bubbles a decade ago. As an experienced PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Mark has also helped educate new and seasoned divers alike in the skills necessary to enjoy life beneath the waves. While he admits to being ready to “dive in a puddle if it was deep enough”, Mark has developed a taste for deeper diving, and is currently certified as a PADI Tec45 diver and PSA Advanced Rebreather Diver.

Mark has dived around the world, in cold and warm, fresh and salt waters. While the reefs of the Red Sea, mantas of the Maldives and Cenotes of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula are firm favourites, Mark remains drawn to the British coast and its unbeatable marine life interactions, including seals in the Farne Islands and the great number of shipwrecks that litter the seabed. It was after exploring the remains of the German Imperial Navy fleet in Scapa Flow, that Mark decided to move into technical and mixed gas diving.

Drawn to the symbiotic relationships of life beneath the waves, Mark is merging his background in journalism with his love of photography and filmmaking to chart the underwater world as it faces some of its greatest threats and challenges.

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