Sport Diver: My image of diver in Silfra made front cover

Posted on August 13th 2013

TODAY started with a nice surprise when I opened the digital edition of Sport Diver to find my image of a diver in Iceland made the front cover.

The photograph was taken in Silfra crack, in Iceland, a world renowned dive site which allows you to swim between two tectonic plates,, the only place in the world where you can do it

When planning the feature, I had an idea about holding two continents - the Eurasian and North American - in my hands and needed an image to go with it.

Dive guide AJ, from Dive.Is, showed led me through the awe-inspiring canyon to a place where the opposing walls were close enough to touch. As, I lifted my camera to my eye AJ took up position, his outstretched arms touching the walls.

I dropped beneath him and shot upwards to get a nice splash of the bright blue surface water above him. The strobe lit up the walls with a nice rust colour and AJ's bright yellow fins on his outstretched legs added the final splash of primary colour to the image.

The great thing about Silfra is the crystal clear glacier water running through it. This really allows the colours to stand out and there is no back scatter to mess up the final frame.

Even though it was shot in portrait to make the most of the vertical, towering walls (landscape just did not capture the imposing feeling they had, particularly in the narrows) I had imagined the image as the main one for the feature article. I even wrote the intro around the image.

Sport Diver editor Mark Evans obviously saw some potential in the photograph and he  decided to use it as the main image on the front cover under the strap line 'Between Two Worlds'. 

Thanks to AJ for posing so perfectly for the image. I'll let you know the feedback when it comes.

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