Sport Diver Borderlands feature

Posted on August 6th 2013

I HAVE just seen the galleys for the September issue of Sport Diver magazine and the Deep South Borderlands feature looks awesome.

The five-page piece covers a safari to one of the most remote parts of the Egyptian Red Sea and an area which has been the focus of a dispute between Egypt and its southern neighbour Sudan for decades.

Few boats travel to the region because it is a day's journey south but it is well worth the extra effort.

The reefs there are by far and away the healthiest colourful I have seen for many years in the Egyptian Red Sea, partly because so few people travel there.

We estimated that the British tour organiser Blue O Two runs about 150 divers there a year - that's fewer than some dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh see in a morning.

Only Little Brother, Daedalus and Ras Goma in the Straits of Tiran comes anywhere close to the beauty on offer. And Ras Goma is protected by fierce currents That make it practically undiveable.

Anyway, back to the galleys, I'm really pleased they opened the feature with a two-page spread of a shot of my buddy Ash Walker hanging off a reef.

i thought the image was really special with the way he was hovering perfectly still and looking off camera as if focusing on something in the distance and some beautiful coral pinnacle in the foreground. I thought it captured the tranquility of a dive so perfectly.

He really was a patient model for me but did seem to revel every time the camera was pointed in his direction, usually followed by a series of frantic hand gestures as I asked him to do something.

The piece is one of two I have in this month's edition. the other is a feature on diving Silfra in Iceland.


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