Mark Cowan is fascinated by ideas and experiences. That's why he is a journalist - it's the one career that can provide him with a warrant to wander and a permission to plunge into pretty much any encounter that grabs his attention.

And he has been wandering and plunging for 17 years. In that time he's learned that there is more than one way to tell every story, it's just up to the writer to find the best way. Whatever the chosen one the end result must be the same - it must grab the reader's imagination and take them an an evocative journey into a world that they have not yet experienced.

Whether it's a magazine feature that takes a luxuriant and redolent delight in the written word, an in-depth story-telling journey into a gripping subject, a comprehensive but concise news summary or a 100-word snippet, Mark's attitude is the same: let's tell the best story that we can.

Specialising in scuba diving, travel and experiences in, on and under the ocean, Mark has a growing list of contacts working across the field. And if he doesn't know them yet, he will get to know them if that's what the story requires. After all, it's the people and their experiences that make the most fascinating, gripping and inspiring tales.

If you have a project in mind or simply want to discuss a story idea for a book, magazine feature, newspaper article, website content or your business communications, drop Mark a line.

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